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Character Award

“Building character is something we have always been passionate about. Of course we are committed to developing our children and young people's academic achievements but giving them the resilience and determination which can help them to overcome the challenges they could face through their life is something we are really committed to” Mrs Milner (Head Teacher)

The Character Award seeks to identify, recognise and celebrate schools who are leading the way in character education to ensure pupils leave school ready for life in modern Britain. 

We are pleased to announce that Thoresby Primary School is the national winner of the Character Award 2016. 

Character education is in the heart and soul of everything we do at Thoresby. It is delivered to all pupils at whole school level from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6, with additional support for vulnerable pupils and families.  Wherever possible, parents and members of the community are actively involved in the learning experience. It is in the classroom, playground, trips and community projects. Pupils learn about enterprise through links with businesses across the city and build more skills during our Kaleidoscope festival.

The “Thoresby Key Characteristics” drive and determine the whole school curriculum. Taking a child-centred approach, the crafting of the curriculum on a termly basis is an integrated approach between staff and pupils working together to formulate the learning journey.  



The Thoresby Key Characteristics include………….

•    Resilience
•    Drive
•    Independence
•    Determination
•    Pride
•    Risk taking
•    Initiative
•    Leadership 
•    Passion
•    Positivity
•    Effective communication
•    Creativity
•    Collaboration
•    Problem solving 

Our bespoke curriculum provides purposeful learning opportunities where pupils draw upon and develop these skills and characteristics, through an immersive approach.

Restorative Practices (RP) and pupil well-being are integral to the culture at Thoresby and to our philosophy of building character. The restorative framework provides us with the skills to grow a community in which all children have a voice, take responsibility for their actions, regulate their own behaviour and work within an environment that values high challenge whilst providing high support. This framework also enables us to challenge unacceptable behaviours, resolve conflict and repair harm.