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Our extra-curricular activities

The clubs that we offer have been chosen with the children to make them as fun and exciting as possible. We have some old favourites that the children ask for again and again aswell as some changes too.

Some of our older children even help to lead some clubs! 

clubs summer 2018

Want to know a bit more about our clubs?

Steel Drums 

Mrs Parry has been teaching the year 6 children to play the steel drums for years. Throughout the year, they learn basic skills, practise different tunes and work towards performances at Christmas and at our Kaleidoscope festival.  

Garden Rangers 

Our garden rangers work really hard to keep our garden and greenhouse looking fresh and full of life in spring and summer. Along the way they develop some great gardening skills too! 


We may not have a netball court but we sure know how to play netball! This is a favourite with KS2 and throughout the year they learn lots, from the basic rules to stratagy and skill. They even take part in games and tournaments within our academy. 

Cookery with crafts 

Our cookery club was transformed by our children who asked: "Why don't we do some crafting activities whilst we wait for our food to cook?" What a great idea! So that is exactly what this club is now offering. The KS1 and KS2 teams have also joined forces as they noticed how much the children enjoyed working together and helping each other out.


 We're sure you know all about our choirs by now and may have even had the privilege of seeing them perform. The children are the real leaders in both the KS1 and KS2 choirs - they pick the songs and even suggest where to perform! 

Craft Club 

Now this is the club for all those big crafters out there! Miss Harris has taken the lead from Miss Joss (who is now on maternity leave) and has some fantastic, messy fun planned for her club - all based on the ideas that the children have given her. Did someone say slime?  

Board Game Club

Arguably one of our most popular clubs - the children just cannot get enough of this one! Who wouldn't want to enjoy a biscuit whilst challenging your mate (or Mrs Duffy and Miss Hadfield) to a game of Hungry Hippos? 

Lunch time clubs - These clubs are currently run on a rota system, which allows as many year groups the opportunity to take part as possible.


This term Change4life  is aimed at Y3/4 with some Y6 leaders helping Mrs Duffy out. It is aimed at promoting a healthy and fun lifestyle. 


This term it is time for the Y3/6 boys to show off their basketball skills with the coaches.