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Welcome to Mrs Brown's Class

During the Summer Term we will be.....

Summer Literacy

This term we will be writing persuasive texts based on our research about William Wilberforce, who was instrumental in abolishing the slave trade. We will also produce writing linked to our class text 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. In addition we will become more familiar with playscripts as we prepare for our end of year production.

We will be continuing to read our Book Club Text 'Cirque'du Freak' by Darren Shan.


May 15th-May 26th is is our annual Kaleidoscope celebration! This year we a linking our focus to the City of Culture theme 'Routes and Roots' and will be discovered more about the routes of freedom and its links to a Hull hero -William Wilberforce.


This term we will be covering two science topics; Light and Evolution and Inheritance.

In both of these topics there will be opportunities for children to develop their investigation skills, carry out fair tests and evaluate their results.  

City of Culture 2017

The children are continuing to enjoy being part of the UK's City of Culture and taking part in the celebrations around the city. They are encouraged to continue to join in the ‘Challenge Hull' events and share these in school. For more information on this please click here.

Summer Numeracy

Throughout the Summer term we will continue to keep our mathematics skills sharp through regular practice of mental and written methods. We will focus on problem solving and puzzles and investigations, such as logic and reasoning.

We will use our financial skills to budget for and check the profit of our Kaleidoscope products.  


Our Topic will be launced during our Kaleidscope celebrations and we will continue to focus on the work of William Wilberforce and his role in the abolision of slavery. We will be visiting Wilberforce House in Hull to find out more about this amazing man.


During the Spring Term we will be...


This term we will be learning about Electricity. The children will build circuits and change components to create a particular effect. They will learn how to draw circuit diagrams using the correct symbols. They will also learn about ‘Living things and their habitats’ and be able to classify plants and animals.

Spring Literacy

In Literacy we will begin by writing poetry on the theme of ‘Identity’, inspired by our artwork we have created for the Pop-Up Gallery. We will be writing a suspense story based on our class text. During the term we will continue to read our Bookclub text ‘The Hobbit’ and produce pieces of writing based on this. Throughout the term we will be researching and writing about our ‘Hullywood Heroes’ - J. Arthur Rank and Dorothy Mackail. Using their work for inspiration, we will explore the features of playscripts and present short performances. We will also be continuing to work hard on our spellings, grammar and punctuation.

City of Culture

The children are VERY excited that Hull is the City of Culture this year! Throughout the autumn term we have found out about what makes Hull such a special and unique place. During 2017 we will be following the City of Culture ‘Seasons’, starting with ‘Made in Hull’.


Each week we will send a piece of Literacy and Numeracy which will link with that week's learning. They will also be asked to read a section from their Bookclub text over each weekend.

The children have been provided with a set of revision books for Literacy and Maths. They can work through these at their own pace or they may be asked to complete a specific section by their teacher.

We are also encouraging children to take part in the weekly ‘Challenge Hull events, which are organised by the City of Culture. Click here for more details.

Spring Numeracy

In the first half term we are securing our depth of understanding of the four operations and word problems. We will develop our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and apply these through cross-curricular maths. Throughout the term we learn more about presenting and interpreting data and solving problems involving 2D and 3D shapes.


Our Topic is ‘Hullywood Heroes’ – who were J. Arthur Rank and Dorothy Mackail?'

Linking to the City of Culture season ‘Made in Hull’, we will be finding out about these two heroes of the film-making world and understanding their connection to Hull.

Pop-Up Gallery

On Saturday 14th January 2017, Year 6 will be hosting the first Pop-up shop of the year at Princes Quay! The children have worked hard to produce pieces of artwork which reflect their identity. Pupils worked with the Y5 and 6 children from Wansbeck Primary to prepare the shop for visitors. The Gallery is open to the public between 10am and 2pm. Please check out our Twitter feed for more photographs from the day


During the Autumn we will be...

 Autumn Literacy

In Literacy we will be writing narrative pieces based on our class text. Throughout the term we will be  researching and writing biographies about Hull Heroes such as Lillian Bilocca and William Wilberforce; writing persuasively about the Triple Trawler Disaster and writing a discursive piece looking at the pros and cons of life in Hull and London. We will also be working hard on our spellings and our grammar and punctuation.

Autumn Maths

In the first half term we are securing our understanding of the four operations, place value, number facts, negative numbers, word problems. In cross-curricular maths we will be learning how to calculate time durations, such as using London tube maps to calculate duration, start time, end time and to plan journeys and planning a trip to London using timetables.

Trip to London

On October 1st-2nd our children have the amazing opportunity to visit London! This fantastic trip will enable them to experience life in the capital. During the visit the children will take in the key landmarks on a river cruise; see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' in the West End; spend a night at the Natural History Museum and take part in a range of activities. When the children return to school, they will use this visit to compare Hull and London and draw on this experience throughout their learning in Year 6. We'd like to thank Hull Children's University and Ready Steady Go for the funding and of course all the amazing fundraising events happening throughout the Thoresby Community for all their fundraising! Please see the attached booklet for further details. 


Our Topic is 'A Tale of Two Cities: What makes Hull, Hull and London, London?'

We will be finding out what makes Hull special and researching into its history and the importance of the fishing industry. We will use the experiences from our trip to compare these two cities.

Class Novel

We are really enjoying reading our class text ‘Tommy Ellis goes to sea’ by Jes Parkin. This is the story of a young boy from Hull and his experiences out at sea with his Dad.We have chosen this text as it is set in Hull and so supports our topic ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ where we are comparing Hull and London.


City of Culture

Throughout Year 6 we will be taking full advantage of all the amazing experiences and opportunities planned for Hull's year as the City of Culture. This will support our topic work where we compare life in Hull and London.  

Trips and Visits

As well as our amazing trip to London, on Thursday 22nd October Year 6 are going to Barnsley Civic Theatre to see their production of 'The Wizard of Oz'. Pictures to follow...


This term we will be learning about humans and animals and looking closely at the heart and circulatory system. We will also be leaning about electricity and incorporating this into our DT work where we will make our own models of bridges found in Hull, London and around the world.  


Each week we will send a piece of Literacy and Numeracy which will link with that week's learning.

We also have a Creative Homework Project which is to create something about a Hull Hero. This could be a person, place or object and can be presented at a piece of art, writing or as a model. We look forward to you bringing them into school the week before half term!