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Spring Term 2019


In Literacy this term we will be using our topic work and key texts to inspire our writing. The genres we will be looking at information writing - we will be writing some non-chronological reports based around our topic and key text.

We will also be looking at some narrative writing and using Kensuke's Kingdom to hook us in.  


This term we are working on securing and deepening our understanding of the four operations - starting with some inverse calculations. We will also be starting to look at fractions, decimals and percentages. As always, we will be unpicking problems, working out which skills we will need to solve them and deciding which the most suitable method is.


All about living things!

This term our topic will be science heavy! We will be exploring, at depth, living things and their habitats and evolution and inheritance. We will be learning all about what different animals need to survive and how they ahve adapted to suit their environments. We cannot wait to organise our trip too!


In addition to all the wonderful science we will be earning through our topic, we will also be continuing to learn about the body. 


Class Texts

IMG_7248K kingdom


Each week we will send a piece of Literacy and maths homework, which will link with that week's learning. 6H will also be asked to read a section from their book club text over each weekend.

The children will be provided with a set of revision books (booster packs) for Literacy and maths. They can work through these at their own pace or they may be asked to complete a specific section.

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