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Welcome to Miss Bunce's class - Summer term

Percy Jackson is our Key Text



During the summer term we will be looking at interpreting data and shape and space (including finding areas and perimeters). We will continue to build on that resilience and growing in confidence with our number work.

If you have a spare 5 minutes at home, practise your timetables and see if you can beat your weekly time test.

Maths is a big focus for Thoresby. We are currently providing opportunities for the children to use reasoning in their maths. In year 5, we want the children to feel confident to try new things and to help them build a resilience to making mistakes. (making mistakes in maths is great, it helps them to unpick where they have gone wrong).

As well as deepening our reasoning skills in maths we continue to develop our number skills. We embrace challenge in our maths lessons and we are working really hard on our grit and determination. We use what we know to help us with what we dont.

Try this example

This might help you understand a bit more.

Explain which number doesn't belong...

15, 23, 20, 25

There are different answers to this question, it is our job to help the children explain and reason.

You could say 15 - because its not in the 20's

You could say 23 because its not  multiple of 5.

What do you think?


During the summer term we will be exploring Living things and their habitats including humans.  The children will learn about different life cycles, adaption and food chains.

We will also monitor the life cycle of a butterfly with our very own year 5 butterflies.

Living things

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In literacy we are continuing to use Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief as our key text. So far we are really enjoying the book and we are now on Chapter 15! The whole class are really enjoying the book, we are still finding it hard to put down.

During the summer term we are looking closely at Newspaper writing, and we hasve started to write some amazing articles about a demi-god sighting to put into our classroom newspaper.

Thank you for taking the time to read at home, we are seeing a huge improvement in class 5B. Keep up the good work and remember your homework diaries.

Our reading corners help us to enjoy relaxing with a good book. We like to use them to explore books that are new and books that our teachers  or friends have recommended!

Boy in the Tower


Our Book group is now in full swing, we love our daily session whether it's reading, discussing, retreval, or comprehension. Everyone enjoys having their own copy to take home and we all look forward to finding out what will happen next.


Roots and Routes

During the summer term we have our annual festival 'Kaleidoscope'. This year the celebrations will run for two weeks between the dates 15th May - 26th May, with the grand finale starting from 1pm on the last Friday before half term

This years focus is looking at individuals who have inspired or contributed something towards Hull.

Year 5 will be looking at Lillian Bilocca and the triple trawler disaster during these two weeks and beyond.

We are very excited about exploring the fishing industry as it plays such a strong influence over the identity and history of Hull.

Lillian Bilocca