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Welcome to 5K, during the summer term we will be studying...

What a book!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is still gripping us and we have just finished writing some amazing news reports inspired by this book. We created our own mythical creatures and wrote about a demi-god who had to save the teachers from the creature's attack! 

We have also done a book/film comparison and are noticing lots of differences between the two. We definitely recommend both the film and the book! 



Welcome to 5K's page!




During Kaleidoscope we will be looking at research techniques and how to write a balanced argument.




In topic we are looking at roots and routes. Does where you come from change where you are going?

 We will be looking at the inspirational woman Lillian Bilocca, who changed history when she campaigned for safer conditions on trawler boats. 

Do you know of anything about the triple trawer disaster or the 'Headscarf Revolutionaries' as Lillian and her friends became known? 


Each week we do Star of the Week, where we celebrate someone who has shined for one reason of another. We pick one person and the winner is the person with the most votes.

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Numeracy in Year 5

As well as deepening our reasoning skills we are working really hard on our number skills.

We have started the term by looking at percentages. We can now visually compare percentages and find percentages of an amount. We are confidently using the bubble method to solve percentage problems. 

Can you find 75% of 28?