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5K and our curriculum!


This term we are exploring a history based topic. Our key focus is ‘Rich and Poor’. We will use the exploration question of ‘Is history repeating itself?’ as our inspiration and the centre of our enquiries and findings.

Our main learning aims will focus around comparing, questioning and discussing whether history has shaped peoples mind set on what makes us rich or poor and whether there has always been a class divide.

What makes us rich?

Are you born rich?

Can you measure how rich or poor someone is?

Does the area of the world we live in depict our richness or poorness?

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As we move on through the steps of fractions, we will continue to deepen our reasoning skills with many chances to manipulate and explore number.

The summer term will continue to give us the opportunities to explore fractions in depth. The children will have plenty of chances to recap previous knowledge and learn new skills such as how to multiply fractions. In addition, we will strengthen our knowledge by exploring the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Further on in the term, we will also cover other areas of the maths curriculum such as Roman numerals, squared and cubed numbers.

We want to provide an environment where we all feel safe to try, challenge ourselves, succeed and learn from mistakes.

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During Literacy lessons, we are continuing to explore our key text: Varjak Paw. This book will help inspire our persuasive writing, balanced arguments and explanation texts which we will be working on during the summer term. We will use our topic and Kaleidoscope as writing hooks.

The children will be taught how to engage the reader, persuade and use specific literacy and grammar skills linked to the writing genres. For example; question tags, superlatives and comparatives and opinion.

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Book Club

During our daily book group sessions, we will be thrown into the world of Percy Jackson! Using Percy’s adventures, we will be practising our predicting, summarising and comprehension skills. Peer assessment will play a big role within these lessons and we will use each other’s knowledge and ideas. This magical book will also give us an insight into Greek mythology, mystery writing and the dark and dangerous under world.



During Kaleidoscope we will become ‘Change Makers’. The whole school will be inspired by these quotes:

 “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

 “You are never too small to make a difference.” - Greta Thunberg

In year 5, we will explore that modern day slavery exists and the definition has changed from being owned to being exploited over the years. We will investigate the laws in place to protect against slavery around the world and we will discuss how we can be change makers by the choices we make when we shop. We will challenge stereotypes, diversity and prejudice.