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Welcome to 5dL, during the summer term we will be studying...


Our topic will be based around the theme Earth and Space.

Our key Ask It question will be; Can you reach for the stars? Although, we will ask and answer many more questions.


Over the term, we will be looking in depth at the science learning objectives that link to this topic. We will delve into the world of unknown and become astronauts, aliens and space invaders! Our brains will be tested when investigating the earth and other planets and how they relate to the sun. This will lead into learning more about day and night and how this differs across the world.


Book group


During our daily book group sessions we will be thrown into the world of Percy Jackson! Using Percy’s adventures, we will be practising our predicting, summarising and comprehension skills. Peer assessment will play a big role within these lessons and we will use each other’s knowledge and ideas. This magical book will also give us an insight into Greek mythology, mystery writing and the dark and dangerous under world.

fraction picfraction wall

Numeracy in Year 5

As well as deepening our reasoning skills we will be working really hard on our number skills.

To start the term off we will be looking at multiplication and division.  We will then move onto fractions.

We want to provide an environment where we all feel safe to try, challenge ourselves, succeed and learn from our mistakes!

Literacy in Year 5

During Literacy lessons, we will be diving into the cosmic world of Liam, who is accidentally sent into space. The book is called; Cosmic, it’s one giant leap for all boy-kind. At first, we will test our non-chronological writing skills with the aim of creating a space themed information booklet. After this, the children will be producing detailed explanation texts.