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Welcome to 5dL, during the autumn term we will be studying...


Our topic will be based around the question;

Can you tell the Hull story?


Over the term we will be looking in depth at Hull during WW2 and what has been left behind. As a comparison to this, some time will be spent studying the effects of the City of Culture year on Hull and what the legacy will be once it has ended. We will dive into the stories of allies and axis through History, Geography and Art. ICT will be used when looking at how our local area was changed during the war and our Literacy skills will be tested when writing about Hull and its evacuees. Our Cook It skills will shine through when we follow old ration recipes – will it taste any good? During our Literacy hours we will be studying a great book (Adolphus Tips). To start the year we will put our diary writing skills to the test.


Book group


During our daily book group sessions we will be thrown into the world of Percy Jackson! Using Percy’s adventures, we will be practising our predicting, summarising and comprehension skills. Peer assessment will play a big role within these lessons and we will use each other’s knowledge and ideas. This magical book will also give us an insight into Greek mythology, mystery writing and the dark and dangerous under world.


Numeracy in Year 5

As well as deepening our reasoning skills we will be working really hard on our number skills.

To start the term off we will be looking at place value and increasing the size of the numbers that we work with. 

We want to provide an environment where we all feel safe to try, challenge ourselves, succeed and learn from our mistakes!