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Brand new 5K and our curriculum!


Our topic will be focused around Ancient Egypt.

Over the term, we will be looking in depth at the historical activities of the Ancient Egyptians and how things have changed over time. We will delve into the gruesome world of mummies and tombs! Our brains will be tested when plotting major historical events on time lines and writing diaries as if we were Howard Carter. Using agricultural techniques, we will also explore the River Nile; its uses and surrounding areas.


As well as deepening our reasoning skills, we will be working hard on our number skills.

To start the term off we will be looking at place value. After this, we will move onto the four operations.

We want to provide an environment where we all feel safe to try, challenge ourselves, succeed and learn from our mistakes!

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During Literacy lessons, we will be diving into a variety of key texts, which are inspired by our Ancient Egypt topic. These include a diary, comic and short five-part story. At first, we will test our instructional writing skills and after this, the children will be producing detailed diary entries from the viewpoint of multiple people.

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Book Club

During our daily book group sessions, we will be thrown into the world of Percy Jackson! Using Percy’s adventures, we will be practising our predicting, summarising and comprehension skills. Peer assessment will play a big role within these lessons and we will use each other’s knowledge and ideas. This magical book will also give us an insight into Greek mythology, mystery writing and the dark and dangerous under world.