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Welcome to 3B

Our topic this term is 'Is it really the Greatest Show?'

This term, using The Greatest Showman as inspiration, we will be getting stuck into the wonderful world of travelling circuses! We will look at the history of travelling shows using primary and secondary sources of evidence. In addition, we will be considering the ethical dilemmas of animal performers and freak shows.

Our P.E sessions will be used to build on our gymnastic and dance skills ready to perform our own ‘greatest show’!

Of course, we will be looking at the musical element of the film too and shall be learning how the technical features of a song (pitch, beat, rhythm etc) can make it so catchy!



In our literacy lessons this term we will be revisiting non-fiction writing. This time we will be getting to grips with writing persuasive texts. We will be using our circus topic as a vehicle for writing and aim to write letters persuading big companies to stop training animals for use in commercial performances. We will consolidate our use of paragraphs, subordinated clauses, and superlatives amongst other structural and grammatical features.



During our mathematics lessons year 3 are going to be looking at shape, space and measure in addition to data handling and collection. As always, our topics will be linked to real life problem solving and will be as hands on and practical as possible!




This term in science we’ll be learning about animals including humans.  The children will study a range of animals linked to the circus to decide what they need to survive and grow. We will discover that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.