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Welcome to 3R!

Our topic this term is, ''What Wonders Lie Within the Pyramids?"


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This term, we will be studing the secrets of the Pyramids. The children will discover the life of the Pharaohs , all about tombs and mummies. We will become geographers and delve into Eqypt to explore where it is on the map and how it compares to England. The children will become historians as we observe the changes in Egypt through time. We will become designers as we create an Egyptian cartouche necklaces and artwork. In our P.E lessons we will be learning how to play basket ball using a range of skills with a focus on team work. Remember to bring your reading book to school every week so it can be changed.


We will begin our literacy learning this term with narrative writing. Our first text will be ‘Flat Stanley’ and after exploring the book we will be focusing on writing character descriptions. Following this we will be planning and writing a five part story concentrating on key learning such as using conjunctions, fronted adverbials and embellished sentences. In addition to this, we will be writing non-chronological reports all about Ancient Egypt, get ready to do some research! In guided reading we will also focus on another key text, ‘The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs’. Here we will develop skills such as predicting what might happen, retrieving key information, working out the meaning of new words and summarising ideas.

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During our maths lessons this term, year 3 will be focusing on developing the children’s division and place value skills in order to solve real life problems. We aim to develop and work on our resiliance skills when tackling more challenging problems in a real life context.  Children will also become confident with recalling the 3,4 and 8 times tables before moving on to addition, subtraction and multiplication.


In science we will be exploring plants to discover their structure and function. We will focus on what plants need to thrive and how requirements may vary from plant to plant. We will be identifying the nutritional requirements of animals, including humans. We will observe different skeleton types and the function of these and muscles. Throughout our exciting science topics, we will be answering questions and recording data in different ways to reveal the answers to our questions.