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Welcome to 3ST! Let's see what we will be learning about this term...


City of Cuture

Throughout the Summer Term, we will be bringing the City of Culture into the classroom to celebrate our amazing city.  Our learning will begin by looking at our own different roots and routes. We will study our family backgrounds on maps and be discussing if we’ve ever moved around the city, country or even the world! The children will then begin to study Barbara Buttrick, who is a famous boxer from Hull. One of our biggest focuses will be how she has influenced Hull, particularly with prejudices and stereotypes within sport. Of course, the class will get to try out boxing within PE lessons.


This term the children will be accessing their Literacy learning through a Hull based story called Interchange and the non-fiction text book of the Guinness World Records.

We will start with some five part story writing and move on to recap non-chronological reports and recounts.

Our new learning will be how to write an explanation text, ensuring that we write in order and make our points really clear. 



This year, the children have been working hard to become confident in working with 3 digit numbers. Maths this term will be heavily focused on the 4 operations which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In other areas of Maths, the children will be learning about geometry, data and measure. By the end of the term they will be able to measure and compare lengths, mass and capacity and be able to interpret graphs. They will start to recognise a variety of 2D and 3D shapes and be able to describe them in detail.



During the last two weeks before May half term, year 3 will be taking part in our annual Kaleidoscope event! This much anticipated festival will allow the children to learn about challenging stereotypes and prejudices through many amazing activities that link to our topic and Barbara Buttrick. They will be sculpting their own boxing glove, designing a t-shirt and learning all about Barbara’s interesting life. Watch out for our end of day performances during these two weeks, they will be spectacular!

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