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Welcome to Mr Laskey's class...

During the summer term, we are studing...

What's coming up this term?

Welcome back everyone!  It is so nice to see everyone after the Easter holiday and the children have returned to school ready to work hard this term.  

This term we are looking forward to exploring our new topic which focuses on the continent of Africa and the Kalahari desert.  Our enquiry question for this term is 

"Who is the king of the Kalahari?"



During the summer term we will be writing for a variety of purposes.

Whilst studying the Kalahari desert and the animals that are found there we will be writing reports about the animals that we have studied.  Our narrative text will provide opportunities for the children to discover a range of  places with different human and physical features to then write about in a postcard style genre.

The children will invent a new story based on the whole class text, Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett.

meerkat mail


In maths, we are going to be using our Africa topic as a focus for problem solving and investigations.  We will also cover the following operations,





Whilst investigating fractions we will identify different fractions and find and compare fractions of amounts.


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Our science topic for this term is Animals and Humans and their characteristics and Plants.

During these topics we will be naming and locating the parts of the human body, learning the importance of exercise, diet and good personal hygiene and describing the basic needs of animals for survival.

During our plants topic we will identify the basic needs of plants, discover the changes that take place as a seed or bulb grows into a mature plant and grow a range of flowers and vegetables in our school garden