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Welcome to Mrs Wilson's class...


During the summer term, we are studying...

Australian Adventures

What's coming up this term?

This term we are travelling across the world to have an Australian adventure. We will be geographers and scientists as we learn all about its location, climate, culture, landmarks, amazing places and animals. 


During the summer term we will be writing for a variety of purposes.

As writers we will be researching many Australian animals. We will use the information to write letters to support our adoption of the 'quokka'. Our research will help us write fact files to educate other children in the school about various Australian animals. We will also look at Aboriginal dream time stories and invent our own.

We are always encouraging the children to use as many adjectives in their work as possible and to do their best Thoresby Handwriting.



In maths, we are going to be using our Australia topic as a focus for problem solving and investigations.  To begin with this term we will study fractions, time and measures.

We will also cover the four operations:





Whilst investigating  fractions we will identify different fractions and find fractions of amounts and shapes.



In science we will be learning about animal classes, food groups and food chains, offspring and the basic needs and habitats of various animals. We will first look at common animals we have here in the UK and use our knowledge when finding out about Australian animals.

We will be learning about the importance of conservation and have been approached by Perth Zoo for our support with adopting a quokka. We will be researching and fundraising towards this cause.