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Mr Murrey's class. During the Summer term, we are studying...

How does the Pokemon world work?

After a successful and engaging geography topic last term, we have chosen to continue to follow the children's interest in the World and it's wonderful creatures.  This will allow the children to build upon their prior learning of the continents and how their landscapes are formed with physical and human features. We want to use Pokémon as a platform to compare how regions in the Pokémon world are similar to countries and continents in our world and identify the physical and human features they see on a Pokémon map.



 The world of Pokémon will help to stimulate our writing this term. The children will be exposed to a text through Talk for Writing, which is rich in nouns. Once they have internalised this story, we will start to learn how nouns are names for people, places and things. We will explore the many Pokémon creatures and their unique names. Writing about these will help the children begin to understand how proper nouns require a capital letter. During topic lessons, children will apply this learning to the names of continents and countries when adding labels and captions to their pictures.


Phonics activities will be sent home fortnightly in preparation for the Phonics Screening Test. This year, the test will take place throughout the week commencing 11th June.



The children are taught maths daily through investigations and ‘CLIC’ sessions (Counting, Learn-Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculation). Using these approaches, the children develop a strong understanding of rote number facts, as well as learning to apply their knowledge to solving a variety of problems in real life contexts.

This term we will be consolidating the children’s knowledge of place value and how we can use this to solve adding or subtracting multiples of ten to two-digit numbers. The children will apply this skill to real life problems in various contexts such as money, mass and length.  ‘Beat That’ tests will continue to be sent home fortnightly to ensure these number facts are secure.



We have begun this term by looking at classifying animals and thinking how Pokémon creatures could be classified if they were real. The children have started to discuss how animals belong in habitats which provide them with the right food, shelter, temperature, water and adequate space. They will also be learning how animals are adapted to survive in their habitat and observing the life cycle of a frog with the help of our recent addition to the class, some real tadpoles!