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Mr Murrey's class. During the Spring term, we are studying...

What is your next adventure?

After a memorable year for Hull as the UK City of Culture, Culture Company are now making efforts to secure a lasting cultural legacy for the city. Following the success of our last enquiry ‘How will Hull move forward?’ we will continue exploring the children’s interest in vehicles and transport. This gives the children further opportunities to explore Hull’s heritage and engage with key historical figures including Amy Johnson. We want to share her success and ambition with the children, showing them that they too can break stereotypes and achieve their goals in the face of new challenges. We will be asking the children ‘What is your next adventure?’ and explore what they might achieve in their future.

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The life of Amy Johnson will help stimulate our literacy for this short half term. We will be exploring her early life, her successful flight to Darwin, and her unfortunate and shocking end. Writing about these exciting events will give the children plenty of opportunities to explore different sentence types and practise writing questions and exclamations. Towards the end of the half-term we will draw upon other heroes and explorers including Hull’s mariners who ventured to unusual and intimidating climates.

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The children are taught maths daily through investigations and ‘CLIC’ sessions (Counting, Learn-Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculation). Using these approaches, the children develop a strong understand of rote number facts, as well as learning to apply their knowledge to solving a variety of problems in real life contexts.

This half term we will be consolidating the children’s knowledge of doubles and number bonds to 10, and extend them to apply their knowledge to bonds up to 20. Weekly ‘Beat That’ tests will continue to be sent home to ensure these number facts are secure. We will also be exploring measurements and time through our afternoon lessons.



We have begun this half term by looking at plant life. The children have planted their very own seeds which they will monitor and nurture over the course of the next few weeks in order to observe how plants grow. The children will learn what plants need to stay healthy, as well as the structure of many common flowering plants and trees.

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