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Ms Butcher's class. During the Autumn term, we will be exploring.....

What is good about change?

During the first half of the Autumn term, we have chosen to focus on several aspects of change.  Firstly we will look at the changes we have all experienced withing living memory. On their return to school they will immediately experienced change moving from Foundation Stage to their new Year 1 classroom. The children will be encouraged to use the vocabulary of past and present and will be invited to bring in objects from home that they can place on a time line. We shall continue the discussion we started in transition week before the Summer break to talk about the changes in seasons and weather and how this makes the area around the school look different. We will also look at changes to our bodies during exercise, setting ourselves targets on how we can get better at completing physical tasks.

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 The story of 'The Little Red Hen,' will help to stimulate our writing this term. The children will be exposed to text through Talk for Writing. The children will revisit Language in Colour identifying different parts of a sentence and in particular look at adjectives. Once they have internalised this story we shall then start writing sentences.  During topic lessons, children will apply their learning to  adding labels and captions to their pictures.

First Favourite Tales: Little Red Hen


The children are taught maths daily through investigations and ‘CLIC’ sessions (Counting, Learn-Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculation). Using these approaches, the children develop a strong understanding of rote number facts, as well as learning to apply their knowledge to solving a variety of problems in real life contexts.

This term we will be consolidating the children’s knowledge of number bonds of 10 so they are well equipped to transfer this knowledge to number bonds of 20. The children will at all times apply their number skills to real life problems in various contexts such as money, mass and length.  ‘Beat That’ tests will be sent home fortnightly to ensure these number facts are secure.

number bonds


We shall start the term discussing the fact that animals including humans have offspring. As we are looking at the story of 'The Little Red Hen' in Literacy we are hoping to have a visit from a hen which we will observe and discuss the life cycle of a hen starting with an egg.

We shall also explore and discuss the differences between things that are living and things that have never been alive. Ms Ellis will be bringing in her doughnut tree to promote lots of philosophical discussion. 




Once a week, children will be receiving Big Maths homework. This will have the same facts from week to week, but in a different order. They are to help your children recall number facts quickly.

We urge you to also practise reading with your children at least 4 times per week. Your children will all have a reading book to take home. It will be their responsibility to change this in school.

The work you do with your children at home is just as important as the learning they do in school. We thank you for all the wonderful support you provide for your children.

Other Notices

Thank you to all parents for helping your children begin year 1 so maturely and independently. Here are a few reminders for any questions you might have about our routines.

Children are expected to look after their own book bags and they are responsible for giving homework and letters directly to the teachers.

Children are also responsible for their own fruit money. Fruit can be bought at play time from a trolley for 20p each day. There are always enough coins to allow for change so do not worry if you cannot give your children the exact change.

We do not need a PE kit unless we are learning gynmastic skills, and we will inform you when this comes around. It would be useful to have a pair of outdoor shoes or wellies in case we are learning outside.