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Mr Randles' class. During the summer term, we will be learning.....


This half term we are looking at the story of Maui and the Giant Fish in preparation for learning about New Zealand as part of Kaleidoscope. It is a fantastically fun story that has caught the children’s imaginations, no doubt because of its relationship with a certain hit film. We will focus on imitating sections of the story before innovating them with our own ideas.

The children will continue to use time adverbs, adjectives and conjunctions to enhance their sentences. Spelling remains a priority for the school and the children are starting to independently apply their phonics skills and find key vocabulary around the room. Please continue to support your children’s writing at home. It is a big help.

Maui and the Giant Fish


The children are taught maths daily through investigations and 'CLIC' sessions (Counting, Learn-Its, It's nothing new, Calculating). By using both of these approaches the children can gain a basic understanding of numbers and number facts, as well as learning to apply their knowledge in order to solve a variety of problems in different contexts.

This half term we are returning to addition and subtraction in order to consolidate and a reach greater depth of understanding for both operations. We will primarily focus on how to use an empty number line as an effective strategy for adding and taking away, first with simple numbers, and then with tens and units.



We kicked off this half term with a week of science dedicated to flowering plants and trees. The children have explored the structures and life cycles of different plants, and attempted to grow some cress. Keep your fingers crossed!

As part of Kaleidoscope we will also be investigating the various animals native to New Zealand, especially the more unique ones like the Kiwi and the Tawaki penguin.

Theme: What connects us?

The aim of this term was to build towards Kaleidoscope, thinking about what makes New Zealand unique before considering what connects us. The children will look at the history of relationships between the Maori and Pakeha (European New Zealanders), from the rocky beginnings of Cook’s expedition to the modern, unified community.

Kaleidoscope will also give the children an opportunity to have fun with other Kiwi traditions, such as Hokey Pokey Ice cream, Maori art styles and even our very own Thoresby Haka! We hope that many parents will be able to join us at the Finale on Friday 26th May to share all this half term’s learning and join in with the festivities.

The Endeavour
The Haka

Look how busy we have been!

Watch this space...


Every Friday your child should recieve a list of spellings to learn for the following week. We encourage you to practise these words with them regularly.

Once a week, children will be receiving Big Maths homework. This will have the same facts from week to week, but in a different order. They are to help your children recall number facts quickly.

We urge you to also practise reading with your children at least 4 times per week. Your children will all have a reading book to take home. It will be their responsibility to change this in school.

The work you do with your children at home is just as important as the learning they do in school. We thank you for all the wonderful support you provide for your children.

Other Notices

Thank you to all parents for helping your children begin year 1 so maturely and independently. Here are a few reminders for any questions you might have about our routines.

Children are expected to look after their own book bags and they are responsible for giving homework and letters directly to the teachers.

Children are also responsible for their own fruit money. Fruit can be bought at play time from a trolley for 20p each day. There are always enough coins to allow for change so do not worry if you cannot give your children the exact change.

We do not need a PE kit unless we are learning gynmastic skills, and we will inform you when this comes around. It would be useful to have a pair of outdoor shoes or wellies in case we are learning outside.