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Welcome to Spring Term 2019 in Foundation Stage 2

Our theme for this term is 'What do I need?'

This term we are exploring what we need to have a healthy life style and how we can care for other living things. The children will be learning about tasty fruits and vegetables through stories like Handa’s Surprise and Oliver’s Vegetables, and the needs of other animals through the story The Great Pet Sale. During this first half term, they will also be visited by a Teddy Bear Hospital, a representative from the RSPCA and have a chance to discover where plants grow and can be bought in and around Hull! How exciting!

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The Foundation Stage Day

Settling In

The start of the day is a very important time for you child and an opportunity for them to develop their independence. By hanging up their coat, choosing their dinner and finding an activity to get busy with, they are learning vital self-help skills. Now that many of the children are very capable, these morning activities are going to help address their personal targets in order for them to make progress.

Dinner Time

According to a lot of the children, one of the most important parts of the day!

We support the children in making their choices from our yummy menu. The children can choose what they would like to eat for their lunch by placing their photo next to the picture of what they would like.

We love dinner time especially 'fish and chip Friday'!

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Continuous Provision

Play is a very important part of learning in the Foundation Stage. Throughout the day, the children will have plenty of opportunities to extend their learning by accessing carefully chosen resources that match their specific interests and stages of development. The children will be joined by adults playing alongside them who will help to enhance these vital learning experiences.

Directed Sessions

At key moments in the day, the children will engage with their teachers and peers in more directed learning opporunities. There are three key sessions which include phonics, literacy and Little Big Maths.


Literacy: The children have been making lots of progress with their spelling. As our attention turns towards the story The Great Pet Sale, the children will practise writing labels, captions and sentences to match what they see.


Numeracy: The children are going to continue counting in ones and tens, and practise their doubling and halving number facts. This term they will also consolidate their knowledge of add and take-away, and apply these functions to real world contexts.

There are lots of things going on in our classrooms. Take a look!

Our School Values

We feel strongly that everything we achieve at Thoresby is built on firm foundations.

The school's values are

  • Aim High
  • Celebrate difference
  • Embrace Challenge
  • Be a good global citizen
  • Value Friendship
  • Rights and responsibilities


At the heart of everything we do are some valuable skills that we promote (in line with the school values.) They are skills that will equip the children for life.

The children are very familiar with these age-appropriate characters now and will no doubt have told you about them, or come home wearing a sticker if an adult has seen them using these skills. 

stickers visual

  • Charlie Communicate
  • Pippa Positive
  • Tim and Tom the Teamwork Twins
  • Izzy Initiative
  • Chloe Creativity
  • Freddie Finance
If your child comes home wearing a sticker with one of these characters on, please ask him/her what they did in order to be awarded it!


Restorative Practices

At Thoresby we invest a tremendous amount of time and effort into building strong lasting and effective relationships with others.

If, as often happens , children disagree, we will use restorative methods to discuss what has happened and how people are feeling about it in order to help the children to understand how their actions affect others.

The children will then work together to identify ways in which the problem can be solved and how to make everybody feel happy and safe in our setting.

We ask that parents support us in this processs so that we can maintain the high levels of respect and friendship we have created.