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Welcome to the Summer Term 2017 in Foundation Stage 2

Language & Literacy

This term we shall start with a non-fiction focus talking about Healthy Eating. Then to link with our Kaleidoscope theme 'Our Routes', we shall be introducing the traditional story, 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children will be learning Pie Corbett's signifiers to help them to retell the story in their own words. We shall also draw story maps, which will act as a prompt for the children when they are rewriting this story. We shall then be using the Kaleidoscope visits of Carol Burton from 'Puppets, Plays and Story Days', and Sam's Safari as prompts  to write their own version of the story.


3 billyimagesVYPHRTAV(1)story map

Streetlife Museum

The Foundation Stage's focus this half term is 'Our Routes', focusing on transport used to enter and leave Hull. To launch this topic we are planning a trip to the Streetlife Museum in Hull and also Scale Lane Bridge. The visit is planned for Tuesday 9th May 2017 and letters have been sent out requesting volunteers to accompany the children on this trip.


Kaleidoscope 2017

This term  the whole school's annual Kaleidoscope Festival will take place! During this fortnight of creative arts, starting on Monday 15th May 2017 we aim to promote and celebrate diversity and cultural awareness as well as challenge stereotypes. The Foundation Stage 2 children are looking foward to this event, our visitors, performing our 'Song for Hull,' and taking part in the Grand Finale.

sams safari


Numbers, numbers all around....

In the Foundation Stage we encourage the children to use their knowledge of numbers, shape, space and measure in all of the areas. The children continue to apply a variety of skills.



Continuous Provision

Your child may have told you that they really enjoy 'getting busy' or 'continuous provision'. This is the time during the school day that that the children can use the Foundation environment both inside and out to explore whilst challenging their learning. It is an important way that the children become active learners and the teaching staff are able to support, observe and extend their learning. 


Morning Activities

Morning Activities are now well established. These sessions continue to help the children apply what they have been learning the previous week in phonics, literacy, number sessions.

morning jobs

Dinner Time

According to a lot of the children, one of the most important parts of the day!

We have used the food we have eaten at dinner time to launch our healthy eating discussion.

We love dinner time especially 'fish and chip Friday'!

sc dinschool dinner

Family learning

Our  'Stay and Read' sessions are a great opportunity for you to share your child's new reading book with them. There are a number of parents attending these sessions on a regular basis. All parents/grandparents are welcome to share in this wonderful experience and hope you can attend one of these sessions.

Our School Values

We feel strongly that everything we achieve at Thoresby is built on firm foundations.

The school's values are

  • Aim High
  • Celebrate difference
  • Embrace Challenge
  • Be a good global citizen
  • Value Friendship
  • Rights and responsibilities

At the heart of everything we do are some valuable skills that we promote (in line with the school values.) They are skills that will equip the children for life.

The children are very familiar with these age-appropriate characters now and will no doubt have told you about them, or come home wearing a sticker if an adult has seen them using these skills. 

stickers visual

  • Charlie Communicate
  • Pippa Positive
  • Tim and Tom the Teamwork Twins
  • Izzy Initiative
  • Chloe Creativity
  • Freddie Finance
If your child comes home wearing a sticker with one of these characters on, please ask him/her what they did in order to be awarded it!


Restorative Practices

At Thoresby we invest a tremendous amount of time and effort into building strong lasting and effective relationships with others.

If, as often happens , children disagree, we will use restorative methods to discuss what has happened and how people are feeling about it in order to help the children to understand how their actions affect others.

The children will then work together to identify ways in which the problem can be solved and how to make everybody feel happy and safe in our setting.

We ask that parents support us in this processs so that we can maintain the high levels of respect and friendship we have created.