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The Thoresbian

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The Thoresbian was first published in 1929.  At that time it was the magazine for 'Thoresby Street Central School'.  The Thoresbian contained information about forthcoming changes at the school, such as new staffing arrangements and details about the school uniform.  It also reported on events such as Parents' Evening and Sports Day, and it provided a celebration forum for achievements such as perfect attendance.

In a section of the magazine entitled 'Old Thoresbians Association' reunion events were advertised and clubs such as the walking club and the cycling club were promoted.  Thoresbians have always been proud to have attended this school and the Thoresbian magazine was just one way in which old pupils were able to keep in touch with each other and with current news of the school.

At the time of the school centenary in 2002, a commemorative centenary edition of the Thoresbian was published.  It celebrated one hundred years of the school in Thoresby Street and included
vivid memories of former pupils.  These reminiscences revealed an abiding and deep affection towards the school and an appreciation of what a difference it made to their lives.