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Thoresby Street School was opened on August 18th, 1902. It had accommodation for 460 mixed seniors, 460 mixed juniors and 402 mixed infants! During the First World War, the school was taken over for military use and soldiers were billeted there. Pupils were moved to temporary accommodation; some to the Church of the Transfiguration and others to Wawne Street and Middleton Street schools. The senior department reorganised as a Central Senior School for Girls in 1920. Many of Thoresby’s pupils were evacuated during the Second World War. Those that remained were not expected to attend the morning after an air raid. Calling the register in the afternoon must have been a distressing task. After the war the girls’ school developed into a Technical School. A Junior High School for girls was formed in 1970 and mixed primary pupils remained at the site up to the age of 9. Reorganisation in Hull in 1988 formed the current system that exists today, with Thoresby Primary School offering education for children from 3 to 11 years old.

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